Vision Training

Neuro-Visual Training Classes

Our Neuro-Visual Training enhances the muscles that control the eyes and strengthens the connection between the eyes and the brain. This training focuses on the visual system to help athletes and students perceive and react to their environment faster and more accurately.

There are muscles that control our eyes and they are no different from the muscles that control other parts of our body; with the proper stimulus they can be enhanced and perform better.

Most people have not had their vision assessed beyond seeing clearly (20/20). Visual skills go far beyond seeing clearly, just as physical skills go beyond only being fast or strong i.e. We focus on overall visual performance, which involves balance, accuracy, speed, strength and flexibility of the visual system. Depth perception, tracking and peripheral awareness are some vital skills that successful athletes must possess at a high level.

Our doctor designed neuro-visual training program is guaranteed to raise performance in sports and school. We place special emphasis on vision, because vision leads the body. Vision accounts for approximately 80% of all sensory information processed by the brain in order to make decisions in academics and athletics. Good visual skills allow for fast and accurate responses whether it be in the classroom or on the field. Visual issues can create mistakes in the responses that follow.

Benefits of our Neuro-Visual Training include: