How to Strengthen and Condition

We all know that getting faster and stronger will enhance an athlete’s performance, but HOW an athlete pursues this is the challenging part.  A large percentage of athletes who go to the gym and workout have no plan and little knowledge about what they are really trying to do.  It’s difficult to do most things without a plan.  It’s difficult to write a paper, cook a meal, or even throw a party without a plan.  The groundwork for achieving a fitness goal is very similar to many of these tasks that can be seen as totally unrelated.  In order to successfully fulfill these goals, we must have some kind of plan and knowledge about what we are really doing.

A few factors contribute to lack of success when striving for fitness goals:

  • Physical Illiteracy
  • No Plan
  • Lack of Motivation and Support

Physical illiteracy is poor understanding of one’s body.  It is extremely challenging to improve physical performance without knowing how the body works and interacts with itself as a whole.  With the right coach/instructor, athletes can empower themselves by learning about their bodies.  Raised physical awareness makes it possible to reap the benefits of training faster and at a higher level.  The athlete will improve by using his/her body in the correct way and will in turn reduce risk of injury.  We do this by teaching correct biomechanics.  Not only does this immediately help athletes, but they will also be able to take the knowledge and keep building upon it at higher levels of competition.
As mentioned above, having no plan is a hindering factor when trying to become a better athlete.  Health club members across the U.S. who supplement their gym with a plan experience significantly more fitness results when compared to members without a plan.  Many of these members are athletes!  A plan is best formulated with an expert.  An expert is able to teach the athlete, create an effective combination of training elements, and keep the athlete on the right track.  A plan provides clarity on where one stands and where one needs to go.

If the athlete is not experiencing results, it is easy to become discouraged.  Discouragement is the product of lack of motivation and support.  Once a young athlete is discouraged, advancing their skills seems like an uphill battle.  Discouragement can be avoided by surrounding the athlete with the right coaches and teammates.  This support system will hold the athlete accountable, increase competitiveness, and maintain the motivation necessary to be the best they can be.

At Sensory Speed, we have the expertise to raise your athlete to the next level and the knowledge to bring them to the one after that.  Please ask our staff about the group and individual training we provide.  Your athlete’s goals become our goals, and we take our goals seriously.


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