Deluxe Exerc-Eyes Online Vision Training Course


$447 initial sign-up fee + $57/month for online coaching access.

The Deluxe Exerc-Eyes package is a Doctor designed program that helps improve the most important vision skills for sports and school. This program is meant to pick up on possible vision deficiencies and then enhance the ability to SEE, DECIDE & REACT through specialized training. The training is geared towards student-athletes of all sports and ages, but it will benefit anyone wanting to improve their skills.

The Deluxe Package is our flagship program that comes with our most advanced training equipment & month-to-month access to the Exerc-Eyes Online Training Portal.


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  • Online Vision Training Course (Deluxe) Month-to-Month Membership

The Deluxe Exerc-Eyes Program includes:

    • Everything in the Standard Exerc-Eyes Course
    • Plus Advanced Vision Training Equipment – Strobe Glasses
    • Access to the Exerc-Eyes Database of Training Videos
    • Weekly Visual Exercise Programs to Follow
    • Monthly Q & A Sessions

The courses start with an easy to implement Self-Assessment. Some skills that will be tested are:

    • Visual Clarity
    • Eye-Teaming
    • Depth Perception
    • Dominate Eye
    • Visual Status
    • Light Sensitivity

Sports Vision & Neurocognitive Expert, Dr. Murray will walk you through how to perform each assessment in our step-by-step tutorials.

Then we’ll teach you the basics on how to use the new training equipment, and take you through our step-by-step training program. Each week we’ll give you 3 Exerc-Eyes workouts. Each workout will take between 20-30 minutes to complete. As the weeks progress, so will the workouts, that way you continue to build on your results.

What to Expect

Learn how to perform unique exercises that will help you improve your all around visual system.

Make quick and more accurate judgements so that you can react faster and make spectacular plays!

Learn how to improve muscular strength, control, and stamina of the eyes.

Ensure that both of your eyes are working together at all the times, at near point and at far point.

Your eyes will get tired during training, just like a normal workout. Once you’ve built up the stamina it should help you stay focused for longer periods of time while reading, studying or doing computer work (without wanting to take a nap or getting a headache).

Learn tips for better overall visual health and better focus in sports and school.

A guided training regimen that you can implement almost anywhere.

Training will be lead by some OF THE TOP Sports Vision & Neurocognitive Experts in the world.


After 12 weeks of training you may notice some or all of these outcomes: 

In Sports

    • Quicker & More Accurate Recognition of Ball Spin & Target Trajectory
    • Quicker to See Openings in Defense & Open Teammates
    • Better Field/Court/Ice Awareness
    • Reacting Faster
    • Better Eye-Hand/Foot Coordination
    • Perform at a High Level More Consistently
    • Less susceptible to injuries such as concussions, tears, and breaks
    • All of these things can lead to:
    • Making less mistakes and more spectacular plays
    • More Playing Time
    • Better Stats
    • A Better Experience
    • Interest From Higher Level Coaches
    • A Better Opportunity to Achieve Your Goals

In School

    • Better Visual Stamina Leading to Less Visual Fatigue
    • Improved Ability to Stay Focused
    • Eyes Feel More Comfortable While Reading/Studying
    • Less Stress On The Eyes
    • All of these things can lead to:
    • Better Productivity
    • Making Less Careless Mistakes
    • Fewer Screen-Induced Headaches
    • Less Frustration

What’s the difference between the Standard vs Deluxe packages?

The Deluxe package is our flagship program. It comes with everything in the Standard package plus more in-depth training, and advanced equipment.

The Deluxe package comes with Strobe glasses so that you can further enhance your Visual-Brain Processing Speed, Reaction Time, Focus & Concentration, Eye-Hand Coordination, and Anticipation.



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