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It is our mission to provide athletes of all levels the opportunity to improve their sensory visual skills and physical fitness for increased success in sports, school and life after both.
We’re passionate about helping athletes identify areas that can be improved and giving them solutions that make an impact. We’re tired of seeing athletes that have all the tools, but don’t live up to their potential, because of unidentified or uncorrected issues.
Follow our testing and training programs and your performance and consistency will improve. It’s happened with everyone we’ve ever worked with.
Our team is composed of industry experts who collectively specialize in sensory training, vision enhancement, injury prevention and strength & conditioning.
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“Not only did Sensory Speed help with my 40yd dash time, but it transferred to the field, and I could tell that I was quicker and more agile. The vision training helped me have better vision on the football field to find my receivers and make faster decisions. It also helped me see the baseball better at the plate and in the field.”

– Zach Silva, Record breaking Quarterback & All League Shortstop

“I felt like I could see the puck a lot better, everything was clearer. You could tell that it works because your eyes get sore and tired like any other muscle would. The results I saw from Sensory Speed were magnificent and totally not what I expected at all. I came in to the program not really being able to see the puck well, and then after 3 or 4 months in the program I jumped up a level to much harder shots and older players.”

– Jacob, Goalie at Arizona State University Hockey

“I’ve never been so impressed with a development program until I saw what Dr. Murray and his staff have done not only for student-athletes but for student academics as well. Sensory Speed has made my daughter a better person overall. I highly recommend his program to any person wanting to improve their grades and performance on the field regardless of what

– Bob Perales, Owner, Organizational Director of San Jose Sting Softball

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