San Jose State Softball

“I don’t think we’d be at the level we’re at now without [Sensory Speed’s] help. They’ve augmented our hitting as well as our educational standards here and helped us in the classroom as well as outside the classroom.” – Head Coach Pete Turner

The knowledge that Dr. Brad brings to the team and the understanding that the girls have now about exercising their eyes as well as themselves physically has helped us tremendously with our on-field performance, and just our ability to focus both on the hitting side of it as well as being able to react defensively. I also love, more than anything, the impact it’s had on their academics. I think it was best said by one of our girls when we were going to regionals and she mentioned the fact that it’s been so nice because she’s actually been able to sit down and read. There have been multiple players that have come up to me and made that comment that they can actually sit down and focus and study now." - Assistant Coach Christen Hardee


4 seasons of team training (2013-2016): Team increased Batting Avg. by 97 points, On-Base % by 112 points, Slugging % 113 points, and broke over 12 school records in the process.

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Trent Malik

10 yrs old, Little League Baseball

"We have been so happy with the improvement we have seen with our son, Trent, as he has done the Sensory Speed program. He seems much more focused in all of the sports he participates in, his response time has greatly improved, and we have seen a huge difference in his running speed. Most, importantly, however, we have seen Trent gain interest in his nutrition and physical health and seeing his body as something that needs to be taken care of." - Trent's mom

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Brandon Martinez

When I came to Shane I had been working out getting my strength back but had lost all my footwork and agility. Plus I had a bad ankle making another obstacle, which he helped me get over. After only a few sessions I was seeing improvement which kept me motivated. When it was time for the season I was in the best shape of my life and I give a lot of the credit to Shane because he pushed me to my limits which made me a better player. I highly recommend Shane Murray as a trainer.”

Brandon Martinez, LB, Concord University Football

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Jacob Krupp

The day after my first training session “I felt like I could see the puck a lot better, everything was clearer. You could tell that it works because your eyes get sore and tired like any other muscle would. The results I saw from the Sensory Speed program were magnificent and totally not what I expected at all. I came in to the program not really being able to see the puck well, and then after 3 or 4 months in the program I jumped up a level to much harder shots and older players. During my tryout I could see the pucks a lot better. I could see everything coming in to me, and it was almost like slow motion on the ice. In schoolwork I found myself reading paragraphs that I would normally get bored with before or cut short and not finish. After this program I found myself finishing paragraphs and reading books thoroughly that I needed to. Eyes are everything in sports, and if you can’t see the ball, or the puck, or anything that you’re doing, then you’re not going to be able to do a good job with it. Even if you think you can see it well enough there’s always room for improvement.

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Jordan Paroubeck

Jordan trained with us during his Junior & Senior years at Serra High School. He was honored as the West Catholic Athletic League Player of the Year as a senior making him one of the top baseball players in Northern California. He was drafted by the Atlanta Braves out of high school and is currently in the Los Angeles Dodgers minor league system.

"Originally I wouldn’t get a read on the ball right away, and after some training sessions I was picking the ball up right away in the outfield. With hitting I was picking up the spin on the ball much better than I was before. When I'd read out loud in class sometimes I'd skip over lines, and now I’m always on the right line. Just reading at home in my room my eyes would get tired in about 30 minutes to the point I just wanted to fall asleep. Now I can stay into my reading a lot longer before my eyes get tired. I'd very strongly recommend this to my teammates. It gave me the competitive edge and I know it would also give {it to them.}"

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Zach Silva

Quarterback, Shortstop - 1st Team All-League, Pioneer High School

Not only did it help with my 40-time, but it transferred to the field, and I could tell that I was quicker and more agile. The vision training helped me have better vision on the football field to find my receivers and make faster decisions. It also helped me see the baseball better at the plate and in the field. Also, my eyes feel stronger off the field when it comes to reading and doing schoolwork. Now I don't have as many problems with my eyes being in pain when I am reading and writing.

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Kyle Kaiser

Professional Racecar Driver (Indy Lights Series)

"When I started out I noticed I had a little bit of weak vision in my right eye which I never would have noticed if I hadn’t started training at Sensory Speed. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my reaction time in the racecar. They do a great job of being able to recognize what you need to work on and then making it better. Vision is one of the most important aspects for any athlete across the board whether it’s basketball, baseball, football, or even racing. The training has been invaluable. It’s helped me improve my visual clarity, contrast sensitivity, depth perception, and all the things I need in a racecar."

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Frankie Perales

''I’ve been involved with baseball/softball for over 40 years and have never been so impressed with a development program until I saw what  Murray and his staff has done not only for student-athletes but for student academics as well. Sensory Speed (SS) has made my daughter a better person overall and now I have my entire club organization working with SS. I highly recommend his program to any person wanting to improve their grades and performance on the field regardless of what sport. Thanks Dr. B!!!” -

Bob Perales, Organizational Director of San Jose Sting

'My previous OD provided me contacts and glasses but never fixed my problem. I went to visual therapy with Sensory Speed and my eyesight, batting average, and fielding has improved greatly. I was voted Freshman Player of the Year and Sophomore Player of the Year for high school and hit over .500 both years. I also was blessed with choosing amongst six major colleges during my freshman year where I eventually received a softball scholarship to the University of San Diego. I can’t thank Dr. B and his staff enough for truly opening the door to a wonderful future.'

University of San Diego Soph IF-Frankie Perales

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